DIY- Tealight Wreath

Lately, I have been really into creating my own decorations in my room. I have always loved candles so when I found some of these pretty tea light holders, I knew I wanted to try to use them for something. Below is what I came up with!

(Start with tea lights, tea light holders, an embroidery circle, twine, and plastic flowers)

(Because I love flowers and wreaths so much, I decided to wrap the flowers around the embroidery circle)

(I cut three pieces of twine in different lengths and pulled them through the tea light holders. I attached the ends to the embroidery circle and spaced them apart to my liking)

(I decided to hang it against my wall since I have high ceilings but you could also hang it from a hook in your roof too)

(I love the simple look that tea lights give)

Overall, I am pleased with the outcome but if I had a backyard or a garden, I would most likely keep the wreath there for summer nights!